by Bettye Ledbetter

   In 1988 we held a week long Teachers and Workers conference, here at Heritage Baptist Church, to train new teachers.  We had 20 children who needed supervision, so I volunteered.

     On Friday I took the children into the auditorium to sing choruses, etc.  I asked the children if anyone could quote their memory verse from the previous Sunday.  No one raised his or her hand.
    After several seconds a little boy, named Daniel, raised his hand.  He quoted Proverbs 1:8, "My son, hear the instruction of thy father and forsake not the law of thy mother."  (Good advice for children.)

     As Daniel quoted the verse I noticed his countenance.  His little eyes sparkled and his face lit up.  Then Daniel quoted Proverbs 1:10, "My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not."  (More good advice for children.) This continued for several minutes as Daniel quoted one verse after another from the book of Proverbs.

   As we were going home that night I shared the experience with my husband and expressed the need for this practical book to be taught to our children.  His comment was "We've been wanting a Wednesday night program.  Why don't you start it on Wednesday night?  Get them T-shirts and make it special.  Since you will be studying Proverbs, why don't you call them WiseGuys?"         

   That was the beginning of our WiseGuys program.  It has continued with God's blessing upon it and I truly believe it is because of the emphasis upon Scripture memory.  That is the focus of WiseGuys.

Bettye Ledbetter