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Mastering TRUST: Character Building Story 1
Adventures with Tommy ~ TRUST 1

Tommy seemed to learn something new every week. It was fun being a Christian. He was still happy that he had done the right thing when he returned the watch. Just knowing that the Holy Spirit had helped him make the right choice made him even more excited.

But something bothered Tommy. What should he do if he makes a wrong choice. What if he had kept the watch he and Jimmy found. What if? That thought troubled him.

“Mrs. Smith, I have another question for you today,” said Tommy as he entered his Sunday School classroom. (Mrs. Smith was always in the classroom waiting for her boys and girls to arrive. Tommy knew she would be there!)

“Great Tommy! I love for you to ask questions. That’s how we grown and that’s how we learn. What’s your question today?” asked Mrs. Smith.

“Well, I’m happy that Jimmy and I made the right choice when we gave back the watch. But what if we had made the wrong choice?”

“Hummm, that’s a good question, Tommy. We’re going to make some wrong choices in life because we’re not perfect, but when we do we can confess to the Father that we made a bad choice and ask for His forgiveness,” explained Mrs. Smith tenderly.

“You mean that’s all I have to do?”

“That’s right. The Bible says that when we confess our sins, He’s faithful and just to forgive our sins,” continued Mrs. Smith.

Mrs. Smith was thrilled to see the peace that came over Tommy as she talked more about forgiveness.

Tommy left the classroom that Sunday with a big smile on his face. Wow! Becoming a Christian was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

But soon, Tommy’s faith would be put to another test. It happened the day he came home from school and found his mother sitting at the kitchen table crying. This really surprised Tommy because his Mom was one of his heroes. She was very strong and never cried in front of the family.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” asked Tommy. “It’s not like you to sit around crying. Something must be wrong.”

Mom Brown could hardly stop crying long enough to answer Tommy’s question. After a minute or two, she wiped the tears from her eyes and answered Tommy.

“Tommy, your Dad lost his job today. Do you know what that means? It means we won’t have money coming in to pay our bills or buy food or…..” Mrs. Brown’s voice faded.

Tommy tried to comfort his Mom, but he didn’t know what to say. This was a new test for him. Why was this happening now? Why? He had been obedient to return the watch….he had been obedient to follow the Lord in baptism…why was this happening now?

Tommy could hardly wait until Sunday morning. Mrs. Smith was the first person he thought of….he knew she would explain to him why this had happened. But when he got to church on Sunday morning, he couldn’t control his tears. He hated that! He hated to cry in front of Mrs. Smith.

“Why are you crying, Tommy?” asked Mrs. Smith. “Did someone get hurt? Did something tragic happen?? Tell me!”

“Something terrible happened, all right, Mrs. Smith. My Dad lost his job this week and we don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Mrs. Smith waited for Tommy to stop crying then she tenderly explained life to him.

“Tommy, I don’t know why this has happened, but I do know ONE thing. God is in control and He has a reason for letting this happen. You’ve got to trust him. You’re not going to believe what our lesson is about today,” she explained with a smile in her voice.

“Our lesson today is on TRUST and TRUST is placing my life in God’s hands. That’s what we do when we choose to trust him. We place our lives into HIS hands.” said Mrs. Smith.

Tommy felt better when he left Sunday School that day. He couldn’t wait to tell him Mom the good news that God would work everything out for them.

How do you think Tommy’s parents will react when he tells them they can trust God in this situation? Will they believe that God will work everything out for their good? What about Tommy? Will he have the courage to tell them what he learned about God’s faithfulness? More next week.

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